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ACLF is one of the leading and largest full-service law firms providing legal services to a wide range of industries, with offices in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang. Below you will find the address and contacts of the headquarters of Asia Cambodia Law Group. The firm may have additional offices in other jurisdictions for which we have no information. Check the company`s website for other contacts. “Bun and Associates has a great team. It is able to handle large and numerous transactions. The banking practice has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and lawyers have a good understanding of all the issues that are important to our compliance. The work they deliver is usually of high quality. The company is well equipped with state-of-the-art technology and synchronizes well with our team. The publication of information on consumer data, privacy and disclaimers illustrates the Company`s compliance with applicable international regulatory laws1).

1) The current assessment is based on the latest available information. The company could publish its policies, but we do not have that information. Check the company`s website and look for regulatory compliance. “This law firm has a large number of employees who can help clients with exceptionally broad knowledge and experience to address the client`s concerns. In addition, it uses a transparent billing system (PC law) that can display the completed work with a certain duration (including hours and minutes) to give the customer confidence in the payment. Finally, it uses technologies such as Teams and WhatsApp to communicate and advise customers. I can say that there is no other law firm in Cambodia that can offer such an exceptional experience and transparency to the client as DFDL. Highly recommended.” Note: See the law firm description here to see the areas of activity of Asia Cambodia Law Group.

Law firms have been busy advising on the financing of major projects. New bills are also being prepared to deal with public-private partnerships. It is hoped that this new legislation will be a driving force for investment in the country for local and foreign companies. Chinese investment, in particular, is a particularly notable feature in the economic landscape, with all the geopolitical complexity in the region that this entails. Some companies continue to dominate the legal market in Cambodia. DFDL, R&T Sok & Heng Law Office, SokSiphana&associates (member of ZICO Law), VDB Loi and Tilleke & Gibbins (Cambodia) Ltd. are all part of broader networks covering a wider range of Indochina and ASEAN, albeit with varying degrees of autonomy under these structures, and Bun & Associates represents an equally sophisticated national alternative. Customers are currently raving about the transparency of billing in this company`s corporate/commercial Google Maps feature, which is only available to corporate customers. Number of employees: is the sum of all employees of the law firm; Partners: Partners may include the managing partner, but not non-shareholder partners; Non-participating partners: Non-participating partners are employees of law firms who have been promoted by the partner to a partnership level where the lawyer does not participate in the firm`s profits or capital; Lawyers: In the United States, the main difference between a lawyer and a lawyer is that a person must pass a bar exam and become a member of a state bar association to be considered a lawyer. In other countries, lawyers may be considered lawyers; Lawyers: In the United States, the main difference between a lawyer and a lawyer is that the lawyer must pass a bar exam and become a member of a state bar association to be considered a lawyer.

In other countries, lawyers may be considered lawyers; Legal Counsel: Lawyers are generally lawyers and do not refer to the nature of the relationship between the lawyer and a law firm; Of Counsels: Of Counsel is the title of a U.S. Bar Attorney who often has a relationship with a law firm or organization, but is not a partner or partner; Partners: A partner is a junior or senior lawyer who works in a law firm or is employed by another lawyer; Fee recipients: Fee recipients may include partners, lawyers, jurists, paralegals, assistant lawyers, articling students, partners and any other person whose time is charged for the client`s work. Always select the highest position before selecting a fee recipient. Paralegal: A paralegal is a professional who performs tasks that require knowledge of legal concepts, but not all of a lawyer`s expertise; Staff Lawyers: Staff lawyers are employees with law degrees who have passed the bar exam in their state. You will research, analyze and write on complex legal issues; General Staff: The General Staff may include the Chief Operating Officer, IT staff, secretaries, personal assistants and other employees of law firms with a specific job description; Other: all other persons working in a law firm which does not correspond to any of the different categories; “I believe DFDL is well positioned as a strong M&A legal advisor in the market and the practice is led by Chris Robinson, one of the best partners I have met in the region. The team is motivated. Marketing is subtle on the M&A front, which is a good thing, and there`s a strong word of mouth factor that puts the company first. Very bright, fast in answers and very technically solid.

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