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Derek White, Legal 528-8808 x 102 Elijah Forde, Managing (360) 528-8808 x 101 The document contains an address for “Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose St, London EC2A 2RS”, a “+442039875944” telephone number and a “” website address. The website contains the email addresses “” and “”, another telephone number “+44 7407247839” and a postal address “50-52 Chancery Lane London Wc2a1hl”. Any business or transaction through the above organization or the above telephone numbers and email addresses will not be carried out by any person or law firm authorized and regulated by the SRA. According to the rules of the Bar Council of India, law firms are not allowed to recruit and publish work. By clicking on the “Accept” button and accessing this website (, the user fully accepts that you are looking for information on your own initiative and that no form of request has taken place by the registry or its members. It is believed that none of the real lawyers whose names and/or photos are used on the website mentioned in the above disclaimer have any real connection to the website or related documentation. Several real law firms have offices in Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose St, London. It is believed that none of the actual companies have any connection to the issues mentioned in the warning above. The site features a seemingly large team of lawyers, including the misuse of the names and/or photos of several real lawyers. The website misuses the names and/or photos of real lawyers (see below). The company`s antitrust team has represented clients in obtaining merger control approvals from the Competition Commission of India (CCI).

In our 15 years of operation, Atlas Law Solicitors has grown into a recognized and highly respected law firm. We are recognized for our experience in litigation, family law and immigration matters. And with thousands of satisfied customers, we couldn`t be more proud of our team. We were first-time buyers and buying a property seemed like a problem for us at first. It was a big investment and, of course, we wanted to protect it. And thanks to Jia and her team, we felt completely safe, from working with the draft purchase contract to the monetary transaction to the final handing over of the keys. We assist employees and employers in employment law consulting/compliance, advice and documentation on ESOPs. With degrees and credentials from Canada, the United States and the UK`s most prestigious institutions and decades of collective experience, our team of lawyers, consultants and business people is ready to help you in Canada and around the world. We represent a number of disincorporated persons and families, business owners, family offices, corporate trustees or non-profit and non-profit institutions. I was completely convinced by Atlas Law Group when Jia was able to prevent a tyrannical seller from demanding fines of $20,000, even though there was a legal right. Whether it`s a solo lawyer or a Bay Street firm, Jia never backs down from a good fight and my clients and I always feel safe in their hands. She is one of the most strategic lawyers I have met, and this is evident in every case she handles.

I cannot recommend her highly enough as a real estate lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area. We have a wide range of entrepreneurial and commercial work with consulting expertise and solid transaction experience. Our company has represented leading distressed asset funds in the Indian market as well as companies looking to acquire a non-performing business. Awards and distinctions The firm has received several awards and distinctions: first of all, the first thing you need at a real estate lawyer is to trust him ALL the conditions associated with buying and selling a house. With the myriad of complications I went through, I abandoned the deal agreement, which was complicated from the beginning. But Jia didn`t give up! His attitude has always been positive and kicka**. Highly recommended as she always comes to save the day. Their team is also amazing. His assistant, Freda Goldman, was always quick in her answers and was so nice all the time. Thank you, Atlas Law!!! The most important thing about our name change is that we still provide the same important legal services to our clients in the UK and beyond. Our litigation and immigration experts continue to be available to support businesses and individuals, and we continue to provide specialized support in family law related to marriage, divorce and arrangements with children.

We offer a wide range of regulatory support to submit applications and obtain permits/clarifications from various regulatory authorities in India. Atlas Law focuses on providing timely, aggressive and compassionate services to injured workers in Washington. The firm is currently based in Olympia, Washington, but we serve clients throughout the state. I have since recommended her to 2 other people and she closed her business without any problems and my two friends were happy and satisfied with new customers. I can`t recommend Atlas Law and Jia highly enough. She will make another deal for me next year and I am not afraid that it will be done with the same efficient service that she has always done. Rest assured that Osbourne Pinner will be available during the crisis and the resulting lockdown measures. We have taken various measures to slow the spread of the virus, including remote work for our team and virtual phone and video call meetings for customers.

Last year, we met with various law firms to deal with an immigration issue for my nephew. We really wanted our nephew to be here with us to live a better life in Canada. When we interviewed many law firms, we met Jia Junaid in her office and were very impressed with her in-depth knowledge of immigration law. Jia and the rest of her team at Atlas Law have worked diligently on our case with excellent service and have always gone the extra mile. Jia`s extensive legal knowledge and ability to think outside the box worked wonders and allowed us to process our case in record time. We filed the case in the H&C category, which was finally approved by IRCC in a very short period of 6 months. After all, our nephew lives happily in Canada as a permanent resident. It was a very high quality service and it was such a pleasure to work with them. Atlas Law Partners regularly advises clients on IPOs, private placements and qualified institutional placements. Kunshan QTech Microelectronics (India) Private Limited I have known Jia Junaid from Atlas Law Group since its inception 6 years ago. I recommended several clients to him both as a mortgage broker and as a real estate agent.

For a real estate professional, the satisfaction of closing the transaction is paramount. That is our reputation when we make a recommendation. Banking and finance is one of Atlas Law Partners` important and highly recognized areas of expertise. Now we are happy to announce a big change. We are carrying out a rebranding. In the future, Atlas Law Solicitors will now be known as Osbourne Pinner. Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) In January 2014, the law firm james Rolland, PS, changed hands and became known as Atlas Law, PS. Élie M. Forde worked in James Rolland`s law firm as a litigator, representing injured workers, their families and bereaved relatives before the Industrial Insurance Appeal Board and the Superior Court. Elijah is now the owner and managing partner of Atlas Law, PS.

What sets Jia apart from other lawyers is how she connects with a person and is able to understand their needs. Jia has ties to several sister law firms in Canada and around the world. And if she doesn`t know anyone, she will make the calls and connect so I can easily do my business, whether I`m in North America, Europe or Asia. She understands the needs of busy entrepreneurs and for me, that`s the key and that`s why I trust Atlas Law Group for all my corporate and real estate business. As for the COVID-19 lockdown, we were able to use the electronic signature without having to be physically present at the office, which allowed us to stay safely at home with our children. The company was founded in November 2016. Atlas Law Partners` lawyers are composed of lawyers with diverse experience in various areas of law and expertise in a variety of industries, including banking and financial services, real estate, e-commerce, oil and gas, hospitality, healthcare, media, technology and entertainment, retail, education, steel and energy, shipping, aviation, infrastructure, projects and more.

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