Average Salary for Legal Assistant in New York

This graph shows how the salaries of paralegals in neighbouring companies compare. To view businesses in another region, use the location filter below to select a city or state. Jobs with a salary scale similar to that of Legal Secretary I: Legal Assistant, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Legal Assistant/Secretary For a real-time salary goal, tell us more about your role in the following four categories. Compare the average salary history of paralegals for individual cities or states to the national average. Jobs with a salary scale similar to that of Legal Secretary I: Junior High School Teacher, Model Marker, Prison Administrator A legal assistant, also known as a paralegal, works with individual lawyers in a law firm or with legal teams. He or she assists lawyers with their case numbers by conducting research, searching for documents and evidence, facilitating interviews, creating memos, and providing other forms of assistance before and during the trial. One of the main tasks of a legal assistant is to help lawyers prepare and prioritize evidence. A legal assistant usually has the task of . Below are just three simple steps to create your own custom corporate governance paralegal (Temp-to-Perm/NYC) salary report.870 A legal assistant`s salary may vary depending on the industry in which the job is located. Here is a breakdown of the average salary in different industries where legal assistants work.

The average salary of a paralegal is $50,113 and can have a significant impact on the amount paid by paralegals. This table shows how paralegals` salaries may vary depending on where they are in the United States. Jobs with a salary range similar to that of a paralegal/legal assistant I: Building Envelope Consultant, Juvenile Court Advisor, Restaurant Area Manager, Contract Paralegal, Contract Paralegal A junior legal assistant with less than 1 year of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (including tips, bonuses and overtime pay) of $43,626, on the basis of 29 salaries. A first legal assistant with 1 to 4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $47,287, based on 124 salaries. One. Read More The paralegal/legal assistant I researches and analyzes legal sources such as laws, registered court decisions, legal articles, treaties, constitutions and legal codes. Supports and supports lawyers in the search for legal proceedings or due diligence. As a paralegal/legal assistant, I usually need a bachelor`s degree or equivalent. Prepare legal documents such as pleadings, pleadings, appeals, wills, contracts, etc. Includes legal terminology. Also, at Paralegal/Legal Assistant, I usually contact a lawyer. Usually requires paralegal certification.

As a paralegal/legal assistant, I work in a support role on projects/issues of limited complexity. The work is well managed. Working as a paralegal/legal assistant, I usually need 0-2 years of relevant experience. (Copyright 2022 Salary.com) The average legal assistant in New York, NY earns $48,473 a year. The average hourly rate for a legal assistant is $23.30/hour. This compares to the national average salary of $42,387 for paralegals. Below, we break down the average salary of paralegals in New York, NY, by the highest-paid companies and industries. You can also compare different types of paralegal salaries in and around New York and a salary history table that shows how the average salary of paralegals has changed over time in New York City. Salary estimate for Legal Secretary I for companies such as: LIQUIDITY SERVICES INC, OVERSTOCK.COM INC, WILLIAMS-SONOMA INC Recently Researched Related Titles: Air Traffic Coordinator, Junior IT Project Manager, Legal Account Manager Legal Secretary I Salary in Popular Cities: Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers Recently Searched Related Titles: Process Server, Legislative Help Our data shows that the highest salary for a legal assistant in New York is $75,000/year. Increasing your salary as a legal assistant is possible in several ways. Employer switching: Consider a career change to a new employer who is willing to pay more for your skills. Level of education: Obtaining graduate degrees can allow this role to increase one`s income potential and qualify for promotions.

Experience Management: If you are a legal assistant who supervises more junior paralegals, this experience can increase the likelihood of earning more. About New York, New York City, usually referred to as New York City (NYC) or simply New York City (NY), is the most populous city in the United States. With an estimate.. Other skills related to Legal Secretary I: legal case management software, document preparation, process support, general office software. More. New York, New York Prices in the region rose 1.6% year-over-year Look at the cost of living in New York, New York.

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