Bae Systems Legal Internship

Business Analyst – The role of a business analyst is to work closely with clients to review business situations and then identify and evaluate options for improving systems and operations. We are looking for talented developers and researchers who can solve our customers` most difficult problems. Trust us; It`s not the kind of problems you`ll get with a hedge fund, a Shoreditch startup, or even a Silicon Valley tech company. Our customers and the things they want to do are quite unique. We work on a number of platforms, including desktop, mobile and embedded systems, as well as a number of languages such as Python, C#, Java and C++. We are looking for students to work on the development of innovative and critical technologies and products for our customers. Applications include high-performance networks, space systems, software defined radios, and underwater systems. You will be part of a project team that will guide you in the daily skills needed to work closely with our clients. You may be designing RF/digital electronics or developing software/firmware that targets a variety of devices (e.g., FPGAs, ARM processors, GPUs, microcontrollers). You could be involved in the development of signal processing algorithms or explore exciting new areas of science and technology. You will be part of our future talent community, which organizes training, networking and social events in which you can participate. We accompany you with a career mentor who accompanies you throughout your internship. DevOps Engineer: Covers a wide range of activities, including devOps, TechOps, and traditional DevSecOps.

These engineers are a central part of our systems teams, ensuring robust, secure and efficient execution in development, test and deployment environments. The activities are extensive, but include developing CD/CI toolchains, designing deployment strategies, and defining orchestration strategies and approaches, which is an exciting role for people who love computers and technology and work in the most technical part of the cybersecurity field. Whether it`s exploring new technologies or developing software that makes a difference in the real world, you`ll always be working at the cutting edge of what`s possible. Working in the field of cybersecurity and vulnerability research is a practical task, so we want people who really enjoy taking on a challenge and get involved in software development or disassemble systems to see how they work. Our program teams are trained to meet the needs of our customers, and as an engineering intern, you will join one of these teams and work with qualified and experienced people who are motivated to train and coach you in the daily skills needed to find high-quality solutions to complex technical problems. The role of a project management intern is to leverage the expertise of our talented and highly experienced program managers, service delivery managers and project management control experts to successfully support the delivery of a mix of business and technical projects, programs and IT services. Data consultants develop a range of skills and experience related to the roles of Data Scientist, Data Engineer, and Data Analyst, supporting their professional development in choosing one of these roles as their preferred career path while contributing to data projects themselves. Data consultants typically work in roles that work with other data scientists, supporting the team and client in a variety of projects that develop data capabilities, ideas, and solutions to drive business results.

The role is diverse and involves participating in a variety of projects and roles to support personal development and identify career aspirations. Systems Engineer: As part of the core program teams, our systems engineers design our solutions, manage requirements, evaluate options, and make technical decisions to bring added value to the customer Daily tasks may include: • Working with different technologies, using the latest and current versions • Working as a team to develop products with high security • Conducting cutting-edge research • Development of innovative and innovative solutions for difficult problems • Interaction with customers and rapid response to changing requirements. Business Consultant – As a business consultant, your role may include elements of defining a client`s strategy, developing their future operating model and/or defining and supporting the client`s organizational change. You will be involved throughout the life cycle of projects and programmes, from early vision and core activities to a focus on sustainability, transition to the status quo and delivery of benefits. You will support a project team within the company with a focus on portfolios, programs and projects. In this role, you will learn the skills to interpret and facilitate governance and reporting processes, project configuration and completion tasks, and the management of project financing activities. As you grow as an individual, you will be responsible for leading and training other employees while supporting a culture of delivery excellence. Infrastructure Engineer: Our solutions typically use a large number of servers (physical or virtual) to achieve program objectives.

Our infrastructure engineers design our server, network, and security deployments to meet the performance and capacity requirements of each individual solution. Our security consultants help our clients understand their cyber risks, secure their operations and improve their security operations. We are the people they trust to defend cyberattacks by providing technical services, security and support combined with expert analysis or to recover from cyberattacks. We are committed to recruiting in the most comprehensive way so that we can welcome the best people from different backgrounds to our team. Who are we looking for? We have several engineering roles that are suitable for people who are passionate about technology, who love to do things, and who understand how they work. We also have science-focused roles where we are looking for people with a strong scientific background, particularly in the fields of electromagnetism, optics, machine learning and applied mathematics. We expect great things from our summer interns. In return, you can expect an annual salary of £19,500 (pro-rotation) and 5.5 days of vacation, as well as discounts on products and services. The Management Consulting community works with our clients to help them specify their needs, develop new business processes and guide them through the organizational and behavioral impact of digital transformation and ensure there is a return on investment. Test Engineer: Our customers rely on us to provide reliable solutions to fulfill their missions.

Our test teams ensure that what we deliver meets our customers` needs and our own high standards. Test engineers will participate in our programs very early in their life cycle and will be involved with our customers during design, integration, testing and final commissioning. These include: Software Engineer (Application): Use of a mix of custom development (usually Java, but sometimes C++) and customization of open source/3rd party tools, mainly on Linux, to address critical aspects of our solutions. This can be a mix of business logic, ETL, or performance bottlenecks Please note that as a consultant, you may need to work in client locations that aren`t at your base location – this may be the case for a longer period of time. In this case, all travel and expense expenses will be covered. If you have any concerns about this; Please speak to your recruitment contact. Our consulting interns leverage the expertise of our talented and highly experienced consultants to offer a mix of business and technical activities that lead to tangible results for our clients. Consultants are often the bridge between commercial and technical delivery teams, working throughout the entire project lifecycle, from helping identify the problem and defining the solution to implementing and managing the changes our clients need to achieve their goals.

You will learn about the tools, techniques and approaches used by consulting professionals. We want everyone to have the best chance of getting a place in our programs. Here are some tips to help you do your best: you`ll immerse yourself in the program, learn the tools, techniques, and approaches used by engineers, and apply them in a controlled environment to ensure the program can meet the needs of its customers. You will work as part of a project team made up of qualified and experienced people who are motivated to train and coach you in the day-to-day skills needed to work closely with our clients, both internally and externally.

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