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3.1. Persons who purchase electrolux equipment in during the Contest Period will automatically participate in one of the prizes. 9.1. These Rules are available on the Ripley 6.1 Website. The selection of the winners will be made at random by means of an electronic draw among all those who have fulfilled the conditions set out in these rules during the period of validity of the contest. 6.3. The results of the elections will be announced on 1 October 2017 at 18:00 on and on the Facebook pages of Ripley Chile and Electrolux Chile. 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. This document lays the foundations for the operation of the CLUB TELEVIP loyalty programme, which is based on the use of the TAG-Televia of participants inside motorways 1.2.

Ripley will ensure compliance with these rules and will make the necessary decisions in connection with the Contest. 4 with a photocopy of your identity card and the identity card of this third party. Prior to the date of payment of the Prize by the Third Party, the Winning Entrant, on whose behalf the Third Party works, must send an email to Ripley at the email address indicating the name and identity card of the third party who will make the payment of the Prize on his or her behalf in order to coordinate the appropriate delivery In the event that: that the winning entrant will not proceed to the payment of his/her prize within 3 calendar days will be counted From the date on which you have agreed with Ripley, you will lose all rights to the prize and declare that Ripley has ceased delivery of the prize if the winner is located in an area other than the metropolitan area, Ripley will send the price by Chilean mail free of charge and in prior consultation with him or his legal representative, as needed. 8. 9. Personal Data Ripley collects personal data provided by entrants in accordance with applicable data protection laws Data provided by entrants in accordance with the terms of this contest will be used to communicate the outcome of the contest and to coordinate with the winner the delivery of the prize. so that they are stored during the validity of the contest and then deleted. 8.2. Ripley may amend these Rules if necessary and inform participants of this circumstance in the same manner as they were informed.

5.1. Adults who are domiciled in Germany and who meet all the conditions set out in these Rules, in particular those set out in point 3 above, will participate in the Competition. 1 NINTENDO Switch Trivia LEGAL BASIS on 1. Concurso Comercial Eccsa S.A. (hereinafter Ripley) will run the Contest called Nintendo Switch Trivia in, hereinafter the Contest, which will take effect from 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 16, 2017 until 24:00 (midnight) on Friday, March 31, 2017, both dates including Ripley will ensure compliance with these Rules and make the necessary decisions related to the Contest. 2. Prizes Persons who, during the period of validity of the Contest, meet the conditions set out in these Rules will automatically participate in the draw for a prize consisting of one (1) Nintendo Switch video game console, gray model, hereinafter the prize The prize cannot be exchanged for other products that can be exchanged for cash, nor transferred to third parties. 3.

Mechanical In order to enter the Contest, during the term of the Contest, individuals must access the Contest portal on Ripley`s website, where a series of questions relating to Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be announced, which Customers must answer correctly. By choosing one of the alternatives provided for each of the questions asked Answers to anecdotes, individuals must fill out a registration form with the following personal data: a) first and last name; (b) identity card; (c) management; (d) e-mail; (e) contact mobile phone; (f) date of birth; (g) the activity or profession. Tombola gift voucher for Las Cabañas Zuhaitz Etxeak, in Zenauri, Bizkaia Legal bases 1. Organizing company The commercial company Petróleos del Norte S.A.

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