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The Award-Winning Business Review is a radio series broadcast on CENTRAL TEXAS NPR KWBU-FM 103.3 since 2005 and available to national public radio stations. Business people will hear valuable information directly from experts who research and write on a wide range of relevant topics. Every week, Business Review provides the latest business trends and research, both nationally and globally. Each program lasts two minutes. CJ Jackson hosts a weekly overview of the latest business trends and research from around the world. Business Review has won the Communicator Award every year since the program`s inception in 2012. The show is produced by Livingston+McKay LLC, KWBU-FM and the Hankamer School of Business. Every week, Business Review provides the latest business trends and research, both globally and nationally. The program has won the nationally renowned Communicator Award every year since its premiere in 2012. Business Review is moderated by CJ Jackson and is a production of Livingston + McKay LLC, KWBU-FM and Baylor University`s Hankamer School of Business. Sandeep Mazumder highlights how the business school strengthens future leaders in the economy. Every company needs a dream team, and according to executive recruiter David Perry, the secret to hiring the best talent is simply knowing where to look.

Women are using their business superpowers to elevate themselves and their businesses to unprecedented heights. Read More Seven Points for a Successful Career Students in the Leadership and Organizational Behavior course stepped out of the classroom on Monday, September 19 for a fun night out at the Mayborn Museum Complex. Carissa Padilla shares her experience of overcoming adversity to carry on a family legacy of service. Baylors Women in Business Group provides a stimulating environment for mentoring, networking and service. Gabriella Cacciotti connects the dots between resilience and its importance for the field of entrepreneurship. Cultivate principled leaders to serve the global marketplace through transformative learning and impactful science, all within a culture of innovation guided by Christian values. Yulia Sullivan studies the role of “executive functions” in navigating new information systems. The information age has connected people like never before. In this episode of the Business Review, networking expert Kelly Hoey shows how we can use our social connections to build more meaningful relationships – and find greater chances of success in the process. Ilka Gregory reflects on the lessons she learned from her time with Baylor`s rugby team and how they affect her career. Joyce J.

Lee overcomes fear with faith in her career and provides for others physically and mentally. September 1, 2022 • There is a question you should ask yourself every day. In this episode of Business Review, Tom Corley, speaker and author of Rich Habits, explains what this question is and how it leads to success. Read More Kinship, Collaboration, and a Cup of Coffee Baylor Business Review podcasts are fantastic. They are short and accurate and bring experts on all the relevant topics they have selected for the week. I`m still looking forward to the next episode. Good job Baylor Business! Proud alum! Tailor-made learning in a real-world environment designed for professionals who want to take their careers to the next level of leadership. The Faculty of Management benefits from friendly mentorships to promote research and relationships. Read more What did you learn? (And how did you find out?) Targeted research at the Hankamer School of Business aims to make lasting changes to improve the lives of people in our community, our nation and the world at large. Learn how business schools and students are expanding the scope of the research being conducted. Management students participated in a scavenger hunt at the Mayborn Museum to improve their problem-solving skills and team-building exercises. Kendra Moody takes advantage of the opportunities that come her way as she navigates an unforeseen career path.

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