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The sooner you provide us with the necessary details and documents, the sooner you can start a business in Vietnam. Yes of course. All Vietnamese companies must have a locally registered address. If you don`t have one yet, use our virtual address service. We help you process, scan and save your incoming letters to your LTS LAW account so you have easy access to all your documents. First, send us a scanned copy of passports and other details about a director and shareholders, principal amount, company name, business activities, company address. We verify that your company names and proposed business activities are available before preparing all draft applications. The beginning of the period depends to a large extent on the availability of the information and documents you need to provide. A lawyer in Washington DC needed investigative documents from a government agency in Florida. The documents were provided in the form of 40 boxes of paper. JURIS LTS acquired the documents, scanned them, downloaded them and indexed them. They have also been made available in the theory of relativity for verification.

Once all the documents are ready, it will take us less than three (3) weeks to establish a Vietnamese business. The beginning of the period depends mainly on when you agree to the provision of all company data and documents in paper form, as requested by us. In this case, the owner of the document requested that JURIS LTS remain in a room, the documents were brought into the room and scanned box after box with a handheld scanner. The owner of the document retained ownership of the confidential documents and no burden was imposed. These important documents were now available for inspection. One company bought another. During the acquisition, a question was raised about the valuation of the company to be acquired. The buyer requested confidential documents in support of the review. It is a legal document that every Vietnamese company must have. It contains all the details of your Vietnamese business.

It is issued by a provincial Ministry of Planning and Industry (DPI) with no specified validity period. JURIS makes it easy and faster to capture, format and prepare process documents of all file types, allowing you to easily organize, review, and access them. Make up for lost time by struggling with archaic or unknown file types. We make sure you can print, email, view, read, listen, share, archive and submit any document you have. Counsel for the opposing party in this case argued that the submission of documents was too time-consuming and risky. The seller was unwilling to relinquish custody and control of the company`s confidential paper documents. JURIS Litigation Technology Services ensured professional and confidential production on site. JURIS LTS can personally visit the location of the document and, under supervision or specific protocol per document owner, scan and label the documents on site. Not at all! You can manage the creation of a Vietnamese business remotely by hiring LTS LAW for this purpose. All you have to do is provide us with all company data as well as documents in paper form, as recommended by LTS LAW. When you set up a business in Vietnam, you are setting up a legal entity that has certain rights and obligations under Vietnamese law. It has a different identity from that of its shareholders.

We can manage the legal compliance affairs of your Vietnamese company by informing the shareholders and director of the Vietnamese company of the due dates, as well as keeping legally required corporate records and documents, and preparing corporate documents if necessary. These deductible expenses must be duly substantiated by appropriate documentation (including transfer vouchers if the invoice value is VND 20 million or more). It is a legal document that every foreigner or foreign company must obtain if they want to start a new business in Vietnam. Its period of validity is normally less than 50 years and can be extended at the end of the day, except in certain special cases where the duration can be up to 70 years. Yes of course. It is possible to send money abroad from Vietnam in many legal ways, such as: for payments of legally imported goods, services provided abroad, repayment of loans or interest on the loan, payment of dividends and transfer of capital. The relevant documents proving the purpose of the transfer must be duly obtained and presented to your bank in Vietnam. Application documents will be sent to you by e-mail. You have them printed, signed and returned to us with other documents you have created (notarized copies of passports, proof of money and proof of business address). By April 1 each year, Vietnamese enterprises must submit their annual financial statements for the previous year.

An annual financial statement must contain the following: Make the first tax registration with the local tax authority Note that an annual financial statement of a foreign company must be audited by an independent audit firm licensed in Vietnam. Accounting records must be kept in VND currency and written in Vietnamese. Apply for Vietnam Investment Visa or Vietnam Work Visa for You and Foreign Employees It must also prepare and file audited financial statements within 90 days of the end of the fiscal year in question. Yes, only certain types of donations are accepted as deductible expenses, for example for education, health care, natural disasters or the construction of welfare houses for the poor or for scientific research. Yes of course. LTS LAW is an active member of a unified group consisting of a law firm, an accounting and auditing firm and an audit firm. We offer these services at very competitive prices. We have built a solid customer database and they are completely satisfied with the willingness and quality of our services. A company in Vietnam must prepare and file quarterly tax returns within 30 days of the end of the relevant quarter. If you are a shareholder of a Vietnamese company with a paid-up capital of VND3 billion or more, you are eligible to obtain an investment visa in Vietnam. Otherwise, you will need to obtain a Vietnam work permit exemption before applying for a Vietnam work visa.

A large majority of foreign-invested enterprises established in Vietnam take the form of limited liability companies. It is ideal for foreigners who want the benefits of limited liability but retain the flexibility of a traditional partnership. No, you can`t. The exemption from the work permit and the temporary residence card are issued to a specific company. You can only work for one employer (your Vietnamese company) that sponsored your visa. You must have an investment visa in Vietnam or a work visa in Vietnam and your dependents must have Vietnam-dependent visas, all sponsored by your Vietnamese company, to apply for temporary residence cards. If NGX receives notice from LTS pursuant to Section 7.2(d) of the LTS Agreement that LTS has decided not to file, continue or maintain patents or patent applications licensed by NGX with LTS, NGX will notify Astellas within [***] of NGX`s receipt of such notice. You cannot get dependent visas unless you already have your own temporary residence card. The Vietnamese business formation process always consists of two stages: registration of the investment project (to obtain an investment registration certificate) and registration of a Vietnamese company (to obtain a company registration certificate).

If you want to know more about the possibility of signing a contract, you can read here. If you want to know the difference between a president and a president, you can read it here. Preparation and filing of periodic tax returns, annual financial statements A contract signing block that looks like this: Yes, it is. A Vietnamese company can hire foreign employees as long as they are eligible for a Vietnamese work permit or a Vietnamese work permit exemption under Vietnamese law. We will help you apply for an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) and a Business Registration Certificate (ERC), and once they have all been issued, your Vietnamese business is up and running. Yes of course. Like other jurisdictions, Vietnam allows foreigners to become shareholders and directors of Vietnam-based companies. As a foreigner, you can be the sole administrator or hire someone else to fill the position. There is no need to have local directors. You do not need to apply for an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) if you acquire shares/shares in an existing Vietnamese company. In such a case, you must obtain prior written approval for such acquisition from the local Department of Planning and Investment (DPI).

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