Massachusetts Bar Association Continuing Legal Education

MCLE`s mission is to further enhance the caliber of professional and ethical services for lawyers through comprehensive and practical legal education of the highest quality for the widest possible audience. In fulfillment of this mission, MCLE presents more than 200 programs each year in a variety of in-person and online formats. publishes more than 160 practical manuals, available as e-books and in print; and offers an online subscription product (the MCLE OnlinePass®) with unlimited access to all webcast programs and its entire book collection. A practical guide to ethics for paralegals and paralegals Lawyers with active and pro bono status emeritus are subject to the mandatory legal education requirements (CEMA). Lawyers with judicial and inactive status are not subject to MCLE`s requirements. Only the American Bar Association offers a high-quality CLE in such a comprehensive range of relevant topics that benefit all lawyers across the country. NOTE: Rhode Island allows lawyers to submit their own individual application for accreditation to participate in a program offered free of charge by a non-accredited sponsor. The MBA will help Rhode Island attorneys obtain the information needed for accreditation. If you have any questions, please contact

Personalized sponsorship as well as print and electronic advertising are available for vendors interested in sharing their message with the Massachusetts legal community. Sponsor a major conference, a single continuing education offering, or offer a discounted rate to Massachusetts Bar Association members who use your services or products. Contact for more information. Please contact your local state bar association to review the specific mandatory continuing education requirements for your jurisdiction. The content of this site is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Each state has its own rules and regulations that specify what qualifies for the CLE loan. Please contact your state`s MCLE regulator if you have specific questions about your MCLE rules. If you are an active lawyer, you must complete at least 24 hours of accredited legal education during each two-year reporting period.

At least 12 of the 24 hours must be programs delivered either as moderates or as non-moderates with interactivity as a key element. No more than 6 of the 24-hour programs may be offered as unmoderated programs without interactivity. As part of the 24 hours, you must earn at least 2 hours in the ethics program, 1 hour in the lawyer wellness program and 1 hour in the diversity and inclusion program. If you require CLE credits in another state to participate in a CLE MBA program, we may issue you a certificate of attendance for submission in that jurisdiction. The MBA offers certificates of attendance upon request for individuals attending real-time webcasts. Certificates are not available for participation in registered MBA On Demand programs. Please contact to request a certificate of attendance or teaching credit certificate. (The MBA cannot currently offer an official certificate of attendance for New York State.) Lawyers were looking for part-time and part-time positions that required citation review and other legal research in various practice areas. The position requires excellent legal research and writing skills, knowledge of the Bluebook citation style, and access to electronic legal research databases (the contractor does not grant access and does not pay any costs). Experience in the practice of law preferred.

Each project has a processing period of one week to one month, depending on the order. New projects may be awarded during the year. The MCLE Board of Directors is authorized to accredit courses and award MCLE credits to approved courses. To be eligible, a course must have significant intellectual or practical content and be designed for a legal audience. Its primary objective must be to increase the professional skills and abilities of the participant as a lawyer and to improve the quality of legal services provided to the public. The program must focus on a recognized legal entity or other topic related to legal practice, diversity and inclusion issues, the welfare of lawyers, or the ethical obligations of lawyers. The program must be deployed as moderated programming, non-moderated programming with interactivity as a key element, or unmoderated programming without interactivity. Comprehensive, high-quality written instructional materials that adequately cover the topic should be distributed to all participants in paper or electronic form during or prior to the program. The program must be presented by one or more faculty members qualified by their academic or practical experience to teach the topics covered, whether they are lawyers or have other expertise. Each year, the Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA), an international association of CLE professionals, presents its “ACLEA`s Best” awards to recognize creativity, innovation, excellence and excellence in the categories of marketing, programs, publications, public interest and technology. MCLE is proud to have received awards in each of the five categories and to be consistently recognized by peers around the world as one of the best at what we do. Meredith is the Director of Customer Experience at Lawline, where she is responsible for delivering a world-class customer experience to support Lawline`s clients in their pursuit of fairness.

Since joining Lawline in 2012, Meredith has taken on various roles within the company and earned an MBA. She is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of Lawline`s clients at every stage of their legal career. To become an accredited guarantor, you must apply to MCLE`s Board of Directors and provide your legal training for the last two calendar years. Include dates, proposed topics, total number of lessons, and names and qualifications of speakers. Applications should be sent to: Members of the Massachusetts Bar Association can stay current, advance their careers and improve their practices, all at no additional cost. Since 2014, the MBA has offered free educational programs to its members, excluding lectures and the “Practice with Professionalism” course. From in-person seminars to programs offered via live video, the MBA offers many practical ways to fit legal education (CLE) into your busy schedule! Missed one of our many free CLE seminars this year? Do not worry. Members also get free access to the entire registered MBA On Demand library. With the FREE CLE benefit of the MBA, you won`t miss a thing. Contact us at

MCLE is the leading provider of hands-on educational programs and reference materials in Massachusetts. Particular emphasis is placed on applied law: practical and very concrete training of lawyers in the essential elements of professional practice. Massachusetts is one of the few states where legal education (CLE) is not mandatory for lawyers, with the exception of the “Practice with Professionalism” course for new lawyers admitted to the bar after September 2013 (see below for more information). However, many of the Massachusetts Bar Association`s continuing education programs are accredited or approved in most neighboring states, including: Individuals or course sponsors can apply for MCLE credits for certain activities. These activities must meet the above standards for educational content. Individuals must apply for accreditation within 30 days of the event. Applications for accreditation received after this date will incur a $50 fee. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational institution, MCLE relies on membership fees to subsidize its ongoing research and development activities and charitable donations to expand access to legal education. MCLE awards approximately 1,300 scholarships each year to lawyers on legal services staff, practitioners who accept pro bono cases, and lawyers who certify financial need. Continuously updated tools and resources to advance your practice and the legal profession during COVID-19 and beyond. As MCLE progresses, an unrelenting pursuit of its educational mission and ability to change with the needs of the bar will continue to chart its path. Certain activities, including sitting as a sitting judge, judging advocacy programs, writing and publishing unpaid legal articles, and volunteering on certain committees, are automatically accredited.

Twenty-two presidents with varied practical backgrounds and professional experience helped lead MCLE through its early decades as the organization continued to develop the best methods, resources, and products to meet the educational needs of the legal community. MCLE was founded primarily as a seminar provider and has developed one of the largest collections of legal practice publications in the United States. To meet the changing needs of the Law Society, MCLE has offered an impressive selection of electronic resources in recent years, including webcasts, e-books, a resource-intensive website environment, and an online subscription product, the MCLE OnlinePass®. MCLE has also expanded its publishing program to other New England states, with offerings in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine. Meeting and classroom rooms can be rented in downtown Boston. Award for Professional Excellence in Public Interest Projects 1999. In response to the evolving situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, most live CLE events around the world have been cancelled.

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