Matriz Legal Parte 1

The matrix of legal requirements applies to all legal entities such as MSMEs, regardless of the economic sector It is a document that reflects all the regulations that a company such as MSMEs must comply with under the law, so they must contain evidence of activities that ensure compliance with these regulations. The following steps facilitate the development of a matrix of legal requirements: Be part of GESTIONARTE: The art of management systems and strengthen your micro, small or medium business. Regularly update the Legal Requirements Matrix (MRL) in the following cases: You already know our philosophy, we strive to expand and support the community of professionals responsible and responsible for the implementation of management systems; At ATCAL, we have assembled a group of professionals who update the legal matrices daily so that you do not waste time searching, analyzing and interpreting and that you have our support at all times. I invite you to know what we have prepared for you and that you are part of this community specially designed for professionals like you: the person designated as responsible for monitoring the legal matrix must demonstrate that he or she complies with the adopted legislation, training, discussions, meetings, procedures or other activities that demonstrate: that the company complies with the regulations. Since this is part of the obligations of employers when they have to identify the applicable national regulations, as well as allow better monitoring and control of compliance with the applicable regulations, it is therefore important to specify according to which standards the matrix of legal requirements must be made: as mentioned above, national regulations must be identified, department, local, ownership of economic activity, sector of the company and technical standards, as well as mandatory regulations in SG OHS and environment.

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