Mha Quirk Rules

The first parallel to heroism: individuals prove that they are able to use their idiosyncrasy safely and productively, which qualifies them for a license. Licenses can be expensive, so they may not be accessible to people without adequate resources (for example, twice). I`ve seen people suggest that hero schools are necessary for licensing oddities, and anyone who wants a commercial license for weird work must attend the hero school (i.e. the AU Department of General Education). Non-heroic high schools could be attended by people with “unnecessary” quirks that are not economically relevant. Regardless, some sort of private label commercial license is probably needed to limit the damage/chaos caused by abused quirks and make it harder for people with quirks like Twice or Shinsou to fool people. Commercial licensing of quirks could also be another area where mutant quirks could be heavily discriminated against, as mutants could face claims that their bodies are an oddity and therefore need a license. I don`t know how private commissions from heroes/agencies (mainstream or underground) would work. If a rich man wants bodyguards with offensive quirks, does he contact a hero (or agency), hire them, and pay them directly? Or does he contact the Hero Commission, the Commission assigns an agency or employee to the mission, and the client pays the commission? Yaoyorozu suggests that it would be illegal for her to make clothes for herself and her friends without permission. That would be extremely hard to believe, even though Yayorozu obviously didn`t invent this game right away; By the same logic, it would be illegal to knit, or illegal for Kaminari to charge his friends` phones.

It`s impossible to apply, it doesn`t stop Yaoyorozu from using her quirk another time, and she still contributes to the economy by buying the food to fuel her quirk. Public posting of oddities is a very vague regulation and seems to exist only as a safety technique (e.g., jaywalking). In Vigilantes, it is usually overlooked when not used for wickedness (a legal term in the universe that uses an oddity to harm others) or general mischief. For example, Koichi is mostly reprimanded for using it to provide general public services (cleaning, giving instructions), but Pop Step has more problems with their improvised idol shows that cause crowds in public places. “Because people are endowed with these things called `oddities,` they can dream. Dream that maybe they can be someone who is important. They are all sick in the head! So wipe that smile off your face! Because of the power of that girl you wanted to save, everything you worked so hard for. has simply been reduced to zero! (Ch152, Mangastream) These are the rules created by the four administrators of My Hero Academia Fanon Wikia, if anyone has any problems with this, please use KamiGuru, MonsterPi3, Vegeta2314, Erin or East. Basically, people want to be important, and they use their quirks (which symbolize individuality and human deviation in a broader sense) as evidence to say they do.

So when Mirio loses his quirk, Overhaul`s reaction is not, you`re healed, you`ve been purified, you`re normal now. His reaction is, now you are worthless, you are a good-for-nothing deku, the illusion of value that your life was gone, everything you held dear was actually a lie. By omission, I think it is implied that the use of oddities on private property, such as in your home, is legal. Some private buildings, such as factories, may only allow allowed quirks (i.e. some employees have big quirks for manufacturing and they are allowed to use them, not everyone does this because bosses don`t want chaos around dangerous equipment). It`s hard to say how zealous and murderous they were in general, but especially given Geten`s speech, they also seemed to advocate unprovoked violence – attacking someone with your quirk should be legal in cases beyond self-defense. Geten suggested that people with powerful quirks should have more influence in society than those without, though he never clarified whether this was a consequence of people being allowed to attack each other or whether there should be a formal ranking system. It is also possible that he wanted to eliminate all economic regulation. Given the way Hawks describes the PLF`s plan for chaos in ch258, I am inclined to think that the first option (widespread violence against anyone too weak to protect themselves) was the MP`s intention. At the end of the day, I think the narrative question posed by the member is whether aggression is inherently wrong and suggest that suppressing conflict and suppressing negative emotions, instead of preserving social harmony by reducing aggression, instead causes more violent outbursts of aggression. (This is the literal mechanism behind Redestro`s weirdness, and it`s Shigaraki`s instinct to abandon the defense and focus on what first evokes Redestro`s fear.) The third time I remember it appeared was in ch85, when Todoroki asked Yaoyorozu why she couldn`t just create disguises for her with her quirk, and Yaoyorozu complained about the economy.

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